So much of what we accomplish together, or fail to accomplish together, depends upon how we talk and how we listen. Conversations create our cultures and our relationships. The question, “What can we do, individually and organizationally, to bring more meaning to our conversations?” is one that impacts us all, and one that we will explore together in this one-day practical and experiential workshop.

Topics Covered

  • Meaningful Conversations: What are they? Why do we need them?
  • Comfort with the Uncomfortable: Building capacity for new behaviours
  • The Function of Awareness: Creating an environment of social safety
  • Shared Responsibility for Creating Shared Meaning: Clear goals, expectations & feedback 
  • Breathing life into Performance Development: Any tool is only as good as the conversations that support it

Learning Outcomes

  • Define and demonstrate the essential skills for meaningful conversation
  • Connect the principles and practices of meaningful conversations to organizational engagement, empowerment, innovation, job satisfaction, and retention
  • Assume shared responsibility for creating and maintaining meaningful conversations that positively impact job performance

Course details

7.5 hours, Classroom
May 15, 2020