Ground-breaking programs are now offering mindfulness meditation techniques to help employees deal with stress, focus the distracted mind, and connect more meaningfully to their work. The growing evidence in organizations and scientific journals alike prove mindfulness is a powerful workplace practice. This participatory and practical course will review the most recent science, research and application of mindfulness in the organizational context and expertly guide participants through the practice, benefits, tools and application of mindfulness at work.

Topics covered

  • The foundations of a mindfulness practice
  • Managing workplace stress and increasing resiliency
  • Building relationships and managing conflict
  • Training attention and focus at work
  • Navigating change and uncertainty
  • Creating a culture of mindfulness

Certificate Requirement: This course is an elective for the Integrated Mindfulness Certificate.

Course details

Two days, Details: 15 hours, Classroom
Nov 05 – 06, 2019
Apr 02 – 03, 2020