Resilience is the capacity to meet, respond to, and recover from the inevitable challenges of work and life. Those who demonstrate resilience discover growth and positive transformation in the wake of change. In today’s complex and every-changing world, developing the competency of resilience is foundational for healthy individuals, teams and organizations. This one-day highly experiential course will reveal the best-practices, tools and skills for meeting change with increased resilience.

Topics covered

  • Explore the science & theory shaping current resiliency best-practice
  • Examine unique and interdependent practices for building personal, team and cultural resilience
  • Develop self-awareness in order to more effectively manage self and influence others in the context of constant change
  • Practice innovate and creative approaches in order to maximize resilience
  • Apply new perspectives and strategies to current individual and organizational context

Course details

Details: 7.5 hours, Classroom