Educator, facilitator, coach

I’m Patricia Galaczy and for over twenty years I’ve been working at the intersection of leadership development and mindfulness training (so way before mindfulness was cool). What that means is that I help leaders—at all levels—lead by developing healthy mind states. I do this by holding space for transformative experiences through customized trainings, courses, retreats, coaching, and speaking. In other words, I offer a way to cultivate the people side of organizations.

Healthy minds, healthy organizations

I care deeply about what it means to have a healthy human mind in stressful times

See, a leader is anyone, regardless of position, who intentionally and positively impacts the people around them and their environment. The most important competency a leader can have is self-awareness. And guess what brings forth that awareness better than anything else?


Everything we do, or fail to do, begins in the mind. Training the mind to pay attention and be in the present moment allows us to build our inner resources. Those inner resources then help us to see more clearly and respond more skillfully. We get better at communicating and collaborating, we’re more productive and resilient, and we create better cultures where we feel more connected.

The people I work with are from a diverse range of organizations—from universities and private sector agencies, to municipalities and provinces, to charities and corporations—but the one thing they all have in common is that their people are smart, they care, and they help people.

So really, I help others who helps others, so that together we can use our awareness to have a positive impact in the world.