Mindfulness is much more than a recent trend; it is a way of being. The careful observation of thoughts, emotions, and sensations is part of a life-long journey to become more accepting, less judgmental, and kinder to oneself and others. Held mostly in silence, participants in this two-day core course will immerse themselves in the power and practice of being present through guided formal mindfulness meditation. Suggested pre-requisite: Foundations of Mindfulness Practice (Core Course #1).

Topics Covered

  • Practice core mindfulness-based practices in a group setting
  • Explore relationship to thoughts, emotions and body sensations
  • Discuss the attitudinal foundations of mindfulness
  • Experience the power of silence while being guided and supported

This course can be taken on its own or as part of the Integrated Mindfulness Certificate.

Course Details

Dec 07 – 08, 2019
Apr 04 – 05, 2020
15 hours, Classroom